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Morning lovelies,

Happy Wednesday. So, I wanted to share what I'm Currently Reading with you guys. At the moment I'm reading two books. I'm reading Ten Girls to Watch by Charity Shumway and Few Are Angels by Inger Iversen. I received Ten Girls to Watch from NetGalley and it's to be published next week, July 31st. I hope to have my review up by then, but no promise. Few Are Angels, I received from the author and I hope to have an author interview up by the end of next week to share with you. So, busy days ahead so make sure to stop by and see what is happening. 

Have a great day! What are you currently reading?

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Jenn is a 23 years old, avid reader and who decided to try her luck on blogging. She enjoys reading Young Adults novels with swoony boys and with a twist. When she is not reading, she can be found watching The Big Bang Theory or watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls and Friends. Books and Swoons is her baby.
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