Author Interview and Giveaway: Christina Lauren of the Beautiful Bastard Series

Morning lovely Swooners!

So for today I have a special treat for you guys. Nahomi and I were able to do a phone interview with the lovely writing duo Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings better known as Christina Lauren from the Beautiful Bastard series.

And let me tell you, we totally fangirled. I had to have a glass of wine beforehand just so it could calm my nerves and Nahomi danced around her living room like loon after the interview. I even had a brain fart moment where I completely lost my train of thought but thankfully Nahomi was there to help pick up the pieces.

The girls were so nice and it was such an fun interview to do. Here's what we learn:

Jenn & Nahomi: Do you have a favorite character to write and if so, who?
Christina: At the moment, Will but it changes as we go on.

J & N: Are any of your characters based on real people?
C: Well it a little bit of someone we know but no one in particular.
Jenn: On a curious note, have your husbands read the series?
C: Lo's husband has the series and Lo texted as it was happening and she was in giggles.

J & N: What is the wildest sex scene you have ever written?
Lauren (Lo): The first (sex) scene and in the club scene in STRANGER. Max is a player but he's sweet. Will is experienced; he knows his way around a woman's body. But the sex scenes in STRANGER are more creative/daring but in PLAYER they are more longer.

J &N: Is it awkward for you to write the sex scenes while there are other people around? Because it's a little weird for me to read them if there are people around me.
Lo: In the beginning I felt awkward but I've gotten over it. As long as someone doesn't try to read over my shoulders, hehe.

J & N: Do you guys have any writing ritual? Or any writing quirks?
Lo: I have an office and when I write I need to have a glass of sparkling water. And when I'm stuck, I need to be listening to a certain song (depends on the manuscript). Also, when I'm stuck, I just pick up my notebook and just write. It helps.

J & N: Without spoiling BEAUTIFUL BOMBSHELL, what is it your favorite part?
Lo: The first and last chapter.

J & N: Describe BOMBSHELL in 3 words:
Lo: Three guys, shenanigans.

J &N: What can we look forward to seeing in the BEAUTIFUL BASTARD series from here forward?
Lo: Well we have BOMBSHELL that comes out on Sept. 3rd, then PLAYER on Oct. 29th, and the last novella, BEGINNING on Nov. 19th.

J & N: After the BB series, what's next? Are you guys working on any new projects? When do we get your YA book?
Lo: We have a new romance series for adults in the works but we can't say more than that for now. Check back with us in a month.

J & N: What are you reading right now? 
Lo: I'm reading memoirs and nonfiction books as research for our new project. But for fun I'm reading Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins. We read a lot of YA books.
C: I just finished reading Afterburn Sylvia Day. I met her in Vegas and was able to spend the day with her. I'm also reading Holly Black's newest book The Coldest Girl in Coldtown.

J & N: Are there any author(s) you fangirl about?
C: Jandy Nelson author of The Sky is Everywhere. We are fangirls ourselves so we are crazy over Jandy Nelson.

Quick fire Questions:

J & N: Coffee or tea?
C and Lo: Coffee

J & N: Flats or high heels?
C and Lo: Flats

J & N: Computer or a journal?
C and Lo: Computer but unless we're stuck then a journal.

J & N: Lights on or lights off?
C and Lo: Both

J and N: Inspiration?
Lo: Music
C: Movies

J & N: Bennett?
Lo: Misunderstood
C: Jerk

J & N: Max
C: Sweetheart
Lo: Sugar

J & N: Lingerie?
C: La Perla
Lo: Target

J & N: Dream Vacation?
C: London
Lo: Greece

J & N: Book boyfriend?
C and Lo: Joe Fontaine! From The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.

I just love them. I've been following them since the beginning and to be able to speak to them and see their success is truly exciting. I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us. Can't wait to get my hands on BOMBSHELL as well as the remaining books.
Now, that's not it for today. The awesome people from Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster are giving away 5(!) copies of the audiobook version of BEAUTIFUL BOMBSHELL. So just enter down below and good luck!!

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Thanks so much to Christina and Lo for stopping by and for being such good sports. And to Mary McCue from Gallery Books for allowing me the chance to do this. Be sure to check out their book, BEAUTIFUL BOMBSHELL out today.


  1. OMG! That is awesome you were able to talk to them!!! I need to read that series! Great interview ladies! I'd love to be around for your next author interview. Call me when you have one! Lol

    Alexis @Lexi Swoons :):):)

  2. Lol, I would love to read those texts messages from Lo's husband :)


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