Review: The Redhead Plays Her Hand by Alice Clayton

The Redhead Plays Her Hand (Redhead, #3)
by Alice Clayton
Release Date: December 17, 2013
Publisher: Gallery Books
Source: ARC provided by Publisher
Reviewed By: Nahomi
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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5 stars

*This ARC was provided by the publisher but it did not influence this review in any way.*


Grace Sheridan is flying high. With Scorching passion from her gorgeous Brit superstar Jack Hamilton plus the lead role in a new television dramedy, she could just pinch herself. Then a demand from her show's directors to drop fifteen pounds brings her back down to earth with a thump. Forced to subsist on air, cucumbers, and boot camp, Grace wonders if the body that brings the newly crowned "Sexiest Man Alive" to his knees is just too booty-licious for Hollywood. Jack, meanwhile, seems overly enamored of the celebrity lifestyle. Forbidden by his publicity-conscious manager to reveal his relationship with Grace, he's hitting the industry party scene way too hard.

As Grace's bod incites fiery debate about the message of "thin is in," Jack's jealous fans are downing the hate-erade, viciously slamming her curves. Grace longs for Jack's support, but he's showing up late and disheveled to her most important moments. With tempers between them flaring, Hollywood's most talked-about redhead might have more to lose than a few stubborn pounds. She and Jack were made for each other-but will the day ever come when they can walk the red carpet together, hand in hand? 

Out of the three books this has been my favorite of the series. I have to say it again I absolutely love Grace! She's her own kind of cray cray but she's relatable and endearing. Grace deals with a lot of body image issues during the series and I am happy that these issues are addressed and talked about openly in book. This book helped me deal with some of my own issues and now I feel more comfortable in my own body, thanks to Grace. I love Grace's honesty and quirkiness. She is one of the most kick ass main characters I've read so far.

I love me some Jack, but let me tell you I just wanted to shake him hard and slap him a few times during the course of this book. Don't get me wrong Jack is wonderful, but he is acting a fool throughout most of this novel. Jack is still all kinds of sweet, sexy, and HOTT. Oh and did I mention that he has talented hands and a very talented mouth *giggles*.

I was really annoyed at how Grace and Jack dealt with their situation, they really just put off talking about things until one night they just exploded. I really enjoyed the media clips as a means of moving the plot forward, but there was a point where I wanted to get back to the story and here it from the characters themselves. I felt there were certain sections that slowed the pacing of the book.

I loved how the book ended. I love where all the characters ended up but I was a little disappointed that there wasn't an epilogue. After I reached the end I found that I wanted more of Grace, Jack, Holly, and Michael. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and hope that I can get more of these characters in the future.


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