Introducing.... Our new blog design!

As you can see, Books and Swoons received a brand new design all thanks to the wonderful Leydy from Once Upon a Twilight and Red Carpet Endings. She's been an absolute sweetheart with all my questions, hesitance, and confusion towards this process. And patient. Lord knows, I've been indecisive and she has very nicely guided me in the right direction.

Now the timing of this new design was very deliberate because I wanted to have it up this week because, drum roll please...... Books and Swoons turns 2 years old this week!! Specifically, this Thursday! I honestly cannot believe my little baby is turning two because, I swear, it feels like I just pressed published on my first review last week. Where has the time gone??? It has definitely been an interesting ride with lots of ups and down.

Well Nahomi and I have been working hard on some stuff this week in order to celebrate the blogiversary, the design, and our love of books. So make sure to stop by this week and see what we have for you.


Thanks so much for passing by and for commenting. I read and appreciate each and every comment.

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