Quotes (#49)

Morning Swooners,
The time changed and its messing with my head, I feel cheated out of an extra hour of my weekend. It's spring break for me so YAY! Today I start what will hopefully be a less stressful week than usual. 

“If there is one thing worse than self-pity, it was other people's pity.”

“I may have been buzzed last night, but I remember everything. I can't promise you that I won't want to drive you home, or kiss you like crazy again. Because I will. I do.”

“You're not as invisible as you think.”

“We only see what's close to us, but if we allow ourselves to simply feel, and not see, we can understand so much more.” 

“Because sometimes all we need is somebody to sit in silence with.”

“A long time ago, you told me that all the things we've done or all the things that have happened to us make us the people we are now. You change a part of that, you might change all of it.” 

“I need you to know that the best place in the world will always be next to you. I'm there until you send me away." Brian”
Happy Monday, may your coffee be strong and the work day be short.


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