Review: I Found You by Jane Lark

I Found You (Starting Out #1)
Author: Jane Lark
Release Date:December 5, 2013
Publisher:Harper Impulse
Source: Xpresso Book Tours and Jane Lark
Review by: Nahomi
Synopsis: Tomorrow is for regrets. Tonight is for being together.
On a cold winter night, Rachel and Jason’s lives collide on Manhattan Bridge. She’s running from life, he’s running toward it. But compassion urges him to help her.
His offer of a place to stay leads to friendship and trouble. There’s his fiancĂ©e back home in Oregon and a family who just don’t trust this girl from the wrong side of the tracks.
But when the connection between them is so electric, so right… everyone else must be wrong. And as the snow begins to settle on the Hudson, there’s nothing but the possibility of what could be – of this, right here, right now. Them.
3.5 stars out of 5 stars
*I received a copy of this book as a Review Opportunity, in exchange or an honest review.*

       Rachel and Jason meet one night on the Manhattan Bridge. Rachel is contemplating jumping into the dark abyss of the water in order to forget the mess that is her life. Jason sees her and convinces her not to jump and offers her a place to stay until she can get on her feet again. I thought this was a good  romance novel, but the beginning of the book set off about 30 different red flags for me. I won't go into too much detail because I don't normally like spoilers but I have to say the beginning of this novel was a little rough for me.

 Maybe I am just channeling Jason's family and fiancee in my initial assessment of things. I think its great that Jason stopped to help Rachel, but to take her home and then sleep in the same bed with her was a bit much for me! I get that nothing inappropriate happens but still. On occasion the dialogue, and internal monologue of the main characters had me rolling my eyes a. At times I felt that there was a bit too much drama going on  for me, it felt exhausting.

Jason is a sweetheart, he is always so kind and treats Rachel with tenderness and respect. He makes me wonder if guys like him really exist, and if they do, where can I find one because he's perfect. I will say he seems like a push over at times but he works through it. Rachel is one tough cookie. I know I read what is going through her mind but man it was really hard for me to identify with her. Together, Jason and Rachel are perfect. They do a nice job of balancing each other out.

This was an emotional and sweet story. I wasn't able to give it a higher rating because the issues I mentioned above, although I did enjoy reading the story. I am happy I received the opportunity to review it.


  1. I enjoyed this novel a lot too, but also had some issues with the believe-ability of it all. Nice review!

  2. Well said Kay, I agree with you on that point.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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