Quotes (#55)

Morning Swooners,
Hope you had a wonderful holiday this past weekend. My weekend was filled with catching up on a lot of backed up work, as well as time spent with the family. It was busy like always. Now it's time to start the week again, lets make this week a great one! Today's quotes are from a series I am really into at the moment, I hope you guys enjoy.

“Even if we fight, don’t you ever think I don’t want this. I want this more than I’ve wanted anything. I want YOU more than anything.”  ~Allie Everhart, Promising You

“I’m Jade, the sarcastic, independent, smart ass who has no interest in marriage or weddings or rings or any of that stuff. And yet my stupid heart skips a stupid beat when that stupid boy tosses out the idea that someday he might marry me.”  ~ Allie Everhart, Knowing You

“Most people need expensive cars or designer clothes to be happy. You just need pancakes. And snow.”  ~Allie Everhart, Knowing You

“He made me feel wanted and needed and not at all alone. I don’t understand how someone can affect me that way, but I don’t want that someone to go away.”  ~ Allie Everhart, Choosing You

“This seems like some type of romantic mood lighting.” I turn to him. “And I can tell you right now that you’re not getting sex tonight.”
He laughs and puts his hand on my shoulder. “Tonight? So you’d consider it some other night? Okay. That works for me.”  ~ Allie Everhart, Choosing You

“If the bad stuff didn’t exist, the good stuff wouldn’t seem so incredibly good.” 
Allie Everhart, Knowing You

“I know this may come as a shock, Jade, but I’m not perfect.” He can’t even say it without laughing. “And neither are you.”
I sit up, trying not to laugh. “Hey, I’m totally perfect!” 
“You’re not.” He lays me back down and drops a kiss on my lips. “Neither one of us is. But together we’re kind of perfect. So it works.” Allie Everhart, Promising You

Have a great week!


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