DNF Review: A Beautiful Thought by Alicia Rae

A Beautiful Thought
Author: Alicia Rae
Release Date: July 14, 2014
Publisher: Alicia Rae
Source: Literati Author Services
Review by: Nahomi
As a physical sports therapist, Gail Bennett is accustomed to working with gorgeous athletes every day, but after falling for a few of these attractive men, she has been left heartbroken one too many times. When Gail’s hours at work are unexpectedly cut, she must find a way to continue helping her parents pay for her sister’s education. Reluctantly following her best friend’s advice, Gail takes on a roommate—with the one man she has been avoiding since the first time she laid eyes on him.

Damon Johnson loves a challenge, and he is not the type of man to back down when he wants something. From the first moment he meets Gail for dinner, he feels an inexplicable pull between the two of them. In his determination to have her, he finds himself helping her in any way he can.

Can Damon break through all the barriers Gail has so carefully placed around her heart and prove that he’s different? Or will Gail’s reservations keep her from falling in love?

One thought could change everything.
1 star out of 5 stars
***This is a Did Not Finish review. These are my thoughts of what I read.***

Initially the concept for this book sounded great, and it's still a great concept but I just couldn't get into how it was executed in this book. This novel has a strong female character which I love but her voice sounded too formal; which made is hard for me to connect with her. The dialogue and Gail's inner monologue annoyed me to the point that I decided to stop reading this novel. There were certain phrases which had me rolling my eyes, or I would have to step away from the story and rant to my friends to see if it was just me. Like I said before I really like the concept and that the protagonist is a strong educated female character but I just couldn't get past the dialogue issue.


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