Review: Blushing by Katie Delahanty

(The Brightside #2)
Author: Katie Delahanty
Release Date: February 23, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Embrace
Source: Entangled Publishing
Review by: Nahomi
My name is Olivia Bloom and I. Am. Engaged.

When Berkeley proposed I thought we’d live happily ever after—we’d plan our wedding and he’d tour with the Brightside while I continued designing lingerie. But instead he dropped a bombshell that turned my life upside down: he’s set to star in a movie with, who else, his gorgeous ex, Christina Carlton. And what’s more? I’ve been erased from the public eye. All anyone can talk about is #Berkstina.

Berkeley wants me to work on set as a costume designer—a dream come true—but there’s a catch; we have to keep our relationship secret. I’m okay with not being photographed, but the sneaking around, the lies, the love scenes; it’s not how I imagined our engagement. I know Berkeley is passionate and driven, but he has so much going on—I don’t know if we can take it. I’m starting to wonder how well I know him.

I love him, but am I ready to drop everything and decide the rest of my life? To become Olivia Dalton?
4.5 stars out of 5 stars
*I received an eARC of this title from the publisher but it did not influenced this review in any way.*

I was so excited to get to read Blushing! I absolutely loved catching up with all of my favorite characters! I was starting to have Berkley and Liv withdrawls like seriously.

The Story:
I love the concept of this novel. The plot is a little predictable but there are definitely some plot twists that left me in shock. I like the mystery component of the story. I didn't  really know who is causing all the trouble on set, which made me suspicious of everyone. There were times I really felt bad for Liv because man it just seemed like everyone was against her, like she didn't have anyone on her side. I am glad she was able to over come those obstacles. What really has me hooked on this story is the wonderful characters. I love to read about their lives and Ms. Delahanty does a great job of making the reader feel like a part of their story.

The Characters: 
 I am really happy with Liv's character growth, although  there were times I just wanted to slap her because I swear she's used the same tactic before and it didn't go so well the first time either.  I forgave her because she grew a pair of balls by the end of the story and when after what she wanted. I was really annoyed with Berkley for a lot of the story and we don't get to see him as much as I would have liked but he was acting like a douche canoe for most of the story but I forgave him by the end too. Really, both Berkley and Liv were at fault for their communication issues.

I enjoyed getting lost between the pages of Blushing. It is a great story that will leave you feeling good.


  1. Oh I loved this book, too!

    This is such an underrated series IMO!!

  2. It's such a great series, I totally agree with you it's definitely underrated!


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