Looking Back On Our Week: Janet Evanovich and Richelle Mead Signings

Morning Swooners,

Nahomi and I had an eventful bookish weekend. We had a Janet Evanovich event, Plum Palooza on Saturday and Richelle Mead on Sunday. Both events were in two completely different cities so poor Nahomi spent her weekend in a car, traveling between Orlando and Miami. Such a trooper.

First up, Plum Palooza!

Um....these very good looking gentlemen, *cough* were part of an dance off showcasing the Stephanie Plum two heroes, Joe Morelli and Ranger. 

We played some bingo and heard Janet speak. Plus there was this book cake up made up with all of her New York Times bestsellers books.

Stephanie is called Cupcake by Morelli so it's only logical to have a cupcake there.

As Jenn said I had a pretty busy weekend but it was totally worth it to see both Janet Evanovich and Richelle Mead. It was a relaxed environment at Books and Books in Coral Gables where Richelle spoke about her new books Soundless and The Glittering Court.

This is Richelle talking about her new books.

I went to the signing with my daughter Mia. She was my little helper.

With Richelle Mead as she signed our books!

Last weekend was super busy, but I had so much fun and got to meet two of my favorite authors! I can't wait for the next event... Until then check out our Give Thanks Giveaway which ends next Tuesday.


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