Let's Chat: Book Buying Habits

I love buying books. As a community filled with book lovers and book bloggers, this is a surprise to no one. Going to a bookstore is dangerous for my wallet because I will walk out with at least one book. But today’s topic is about what happens when you already own a book in, let’s say, ebook version. If I loved and enjoyed the book to pieces, I’m going to want to own it as a physical book, ok? So I buy the book in hardcover and add it bookshelves. That’s typically the end of my collecting unless I’ve been given a paperback version of it and if I want to reread it, I now tend to look for it in audiobook from the library. For Nahomi, it vice versa. She starts off with buying the ebook version and if she loves it she buys it hardcover and wants to start collecting them as audiobooks too.

Compared to what we see in the book blogging community, we do pretty tame book collecting. I know some people who collect the same book but in different languages and covers. The only real collection I own is the Sarah J. Maas’ books. I own her U.S hardcovers of the Throne of Glass series, even the novella and ARCs, and I own two U.K. cover paperback. I want to own the rest of books with the U.K. cover but because of budget, living situation, and space issues, I haven’t been able to. Nahomi is on the same boat but her bookshelves is a linen closet so her space is even more limited.

My problem with collecting book lies here, as much as I want to support an author and add to other pretty versions of their books to my shelf, I can’t justify spending the money on a book I already own and taking up space for a book I’ll, inevitably, buy later on. I mean, that is money I could be using to buy another book and space I’ll need for another said book.

My other problem is how when I read an ebook or an ARC and end up wanting a finished version or physical copy, why should I buy a book that I already read? At that point, I’ll either tell myself that since it was an ARC, the final version is the best version so I should check it out and buying a finished version is supporting the author as well. But other times, I bargain with myself to buy the book next time or if it on special or I have a coupon because, well, I’ve read the book already.

So let’s chat! What kind of book buying habit do you have? Do you like collecting book? Do you just buy whatever version and pay no mind to which version or do only read from one specific medium? Let’s chat down below!


  1. I only read ebooks so I don't really have this problem -- I have a strict monthly budge and typically buy my books based on what goes on sale. I agree it's hard to buy a book after you have an ARC and have read that book but I still do it for my favorite authors. Great post!!

  2. I completely feel you! I have TONS of ebooks on my phone, and when I finish one that I really love, I have this great urge to own a physical copy of it. The problem is, I've already read it. I'm not that much of a fan of re-reading, so I think it'd be a waste of money if I bought it when I've already read it even though I still want to. I always think, "Should I buy a book I've already read but really loved or a new book I haven't read but I think I'll love?" It's a really complicated feeling. >.<

  3. I definitely am a book collector. I'm not going to list how many books I have of certain series because that would be way to crazy! For me if I have an arc of the book, I tend to buy the finished copy only if I absolutely loved it and see myself rereading it. Most of the time I tend to check out certain books from the library so that I can know for sure I want to spend money on the book. I don't really read ebooks of the YA genre or audiobooks. I also tend to only collect arcs and finished copies of authors I love. Maggie Stiefvater, gris grimly, alexandra bracken, etc. Most of the time if I've already read the book, I won't buy it right away, unless like you said it's a good deal or at a used bookstore or I have a coupon!


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