Let's Chat: Blogging Pressure - When You Just Don't Want to Post

As bloggers, we choose what to put up in our little space on the internet. We choose what and when to post and we look to other blogs for inspiration and ideas. Doing this, gives us purpose to keep our blog updated and flowing with content as often as we can. But what happens when that sense of responsibility, to post something, is actually detrimental to you and your blog. Today, I'm going to be talking about feeling that blogging pressure on when you just don’t want to do anything.

Sometimes, I get inspired to get blog work done and scheduled for weeks in advance. Some other days, I’m barely pressing published on a post when it due to go live in a few seconds. Those days, I'm pulling myself together long enough to get something out there even though the motivation is not there. The inspiration is nowhere to be seen. I have that need to post something but the need is not there to actually work on it. But sometimes, I don’t want to post anything but because the need to remain in people’s mind, pushes me to post something I’m not really happy with. Basically, I’m stuck in a corner with no idea what to do. When these days come around, I either half-ass it and publish anything. Other days, I just let it be but fret the whole day until the next time I need to publish.

I am trying to give myself some flexibility and leeway for when those days come around. Well, I am going to try to give myself the flexibility and leeway for when those days come. I know myself and I’m a kind of control freak, no surprise from my husband here, and having that compulsion to post something will be hard to ignore. However, I feel like having that freedom to not work on the blog or post anything when my mind and heart are not in it will be beneficial in me continuing to blog and in posting something I actually really like and am proud of.

Want to learn some irony? I originally was supposed to publish this discussion in the beginning of April but because I just couldn’t get more than three words on the screen, I gave myself the night off. Coming back to this post weeks later, I realized that taking some time to gather my thoughts actually helped me in giving me a clear idea of what I initially wanted to say. It was also helpful because I don’t want to just publish something I’m not happy with and put my name on it. I’m tired of feeling like I need to post something just to keep up with everyone and every blog. I want to do me and I want to feel good about myself. I’m not the most popular or creative book blogger but I do like what Nahomi and I have done with Books and Swoons and I want to keep it going. So I rather do me and not force myself to be like everyone else and post what I feel like it good work.

How about you? Do you ever get in one of the mood? I know I can’t be the only one. Let’s chat! Comment down below!


  1. I definitely have to be in the mood to write! I usually end up writing a few blog posts in a day and schedule ahead (sometimes way ahead) because if I'm not in the mood to write something, it's either a terrible post or just impossible to get words out of my brain!
    I've gotten into a habit of posting quite a lot so it feels SO STRANGE when I skip a day or so but I know that no one will even notice and it's just that it's habit -- not that I have to post!
    Great discussion! I think a lot of us have this feeling lately!!


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