Our Monthly Wrap-Up (#9)

Morning Lovelies,

This month started off strong but then it just went to the wayside. I'm totally blaming the US disastrous election for my lack of reviews and features. I've been so upset and consumed and also dealing with life that I've kind of just been hibernating. I have been binging on a new show on Netflix and I've picked up a book from the library from an author I used to read before blogging, Tami Hoag. So there's been some reading at least.

In November I read:
ON BROKEN WINGS by Chanel Cleeton
Queue up on my phone/iPad/laptop:

I started watching Supernatural and I'm HOOKED! I just started season 6 and since I'm so behind, season 12 is on right now, I'm being very careful in trying not to spoil myself. 

I watched the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and you can read about my thoughts on the discussion post I wrote here.
I recently discovered the band Anthem Lights and their covers of the Backstreet Boys, Justin Timberlake, and Bruno Mars just to name a few, and I'm in love. I have them playing over and over as I type up this post, my job applications, my thoughts. Everything. Eventually, I'll listen to their original singles.

So, how was your November? What did you read? Watch any new show, listen to anything new or old? What did you think of the Gilmore Girls revival? And are you a Supernatural fan? Tell me what you did! Just as long as you don't give me any spoiler from Supernatural! See you down below.


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