Review: FanGirl by Angel Lawson

FanGirlFanGirl by Angel Lawson
Published: July 10, 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace
Source: Gifted by author
Links: Goodreads / Amazon

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Summary (from Goodreads): "When Ruby Miller and her best friend, Iris, post an amateur video on their Zocopalypse fansite, neither expect the film to go viral, to be invited to lead the FantasyCon parade or meet Gabe Foster, the creator and artist behind the graphic novel.

Gabe announces Zocopalypse's adaptation to a television miniseries and pegs college-bound Ruby to play iconic zombie hunter, Alexandra. She reluctantly accepts, pushing aside her summer babysitting job and plans to lounge around the pool in favor of negotiating with agents, hot actors and the paparazzi.

Attending zombie book camp and memorizing lines is hard enough, but Ruby must learn to trust her instincts in a world where the line between fiction and reality ceases to exist, and the two worlds blur into one."

This review has been a hard one to write. Not because I didn't enjoy it, but because I loved it so much that I'm afraid I won't do the book it's justice in explaining just how awesome and real and witty it is. I want people to flock to their local bookstore or Amazon, whatever means possible and purchase this book. It is that good.

For the past few months I've been really irritated by female characters, in both Young/New Adult and Adults novels. I've come across a lot female protagonists that are either really weak, irritating, self-absorbed, and make me question their intelligence or all of the above. They also manage to never redeem themselves by the end of the book. However, in FanGirl you are never irritated with Ruby Miller or thinking she is weak and a liability. She's very sarcastic (which I love), quirky, and what I love most, an average girl who was just thrown into the Hollywood scene and tried to deal with everything with as much grace and dignity as possible. With some funny mishaps along the way.

Ms. Lawson managed to create secondary characters I wish I personally knew. Ruby's best friend, Iris; Hollywood latest It Boy and Ruby's celebrity crush, Andrew Xavier; and creator of all things Zocopalypse, Gabe Foster. Iris was the mastermind in getting Ruby to play Alexandra in the fanvideo they made and continued to push Ruby to play her in the film. I love Ruby's and Iris's friendship and all their antics.

"Can we go home and spam her with the video? I can hack into her account."
"Yes. When I finish this bacon." I take a bite.
"Good plan. Bacon, then hacking."
I pick up my pen and jot it down. Iris leans over the table and pushes my pen out of the way. "Did you make a list for bacon and hacking?"
"So weird."
"You love me."
"I really do."

"Aww. You lie to make me feel better. Thanks bestie."


"To this day, she maintains that I cut in line. Likewise, I maintain she was a bossy brat. The result? One pulled pigtail and one kick in the shin. After being dragged from the gym floor, our mothers made us apologize and forced us into a play date. We've been BFFs ever since, but at any time I may kick her in the shin and she may pull my hair. It's how we show affection. Her little speech kind of touches me."

Andrew Xavier was fun getting to know. I was kind of surprise by his secret in the end but it made a lot of  sense. My inner fangirl just hoped that it wasn't true. And to introduce Gabe Foster, here's Ruby and Iris:

"Gabe Foster?"
"Gabe. Foster."
"Gabe Foster."

(Have I mention how much I love these two?) He's the cute, nerdy guy that I secretly love to swoon over. He pushes Ruby as well as gives her space, her values her opinions and wants her to do well. He's everything a girl would want from a guy. Where can I find a guy like him?

"Wow. Those are amazing."
"I found them online. They glow in the dark, too."
He looks up. "Yeah, I'm not talking about the shoes, although they are cool. Holy Batman, Ruby, I' not letting you or those legs out of my sight tonight."


"That doesn't make sense."
"None of this makes sense."
"You know what makes sense?"
"What?" I ask, loving his silliness.
He kisses me in the front seat of that truck, and it's so much better than the last kiss I had in here. He's sweet and tastes like cake.
"This. This makes sense." (sighs. swooooon.)

Love. I just love this story. I was gifted the copy by Angel, but I'm definitely going out and buying myself the print version of FanGirl. I need to be able to hug this book. And normally I prefer reading standalone books, but I'm really sad that this is the end for FanGirl. I would love to read more about Ruby and Gabe and Iris. I guess I just have to make due and reread it all over again.


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