YA Crush Tourney Time! Match #1 and #2

Hello lovelies,

It Friday!! I've been off in Real Life, welcoming new baby cousin and enjoying America's Independence Day and basically neglecting this little blog and you, swooners. For that I apologize. Just know that I'm working hard on my next review. It been stumping me and that probably why I haven't been around this past week. Been avoiding it :/

But for the real reason of this post is that voting for the YA Crush Tourney has begun!!

First up: Will Herondale from Cassandra Clare's The Infernal Devices versus Vincent from Amy Plum's Die for Me. Now, I haven't read either of these books but one of the besties have and she's been swooning over Vincent for the past month. I'll take her word but you guys can run right over to The YA Sisterhood and find out for yourself.
Here the link for the match: Will vs Vincent

Also competing today is Zachary Moore from Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade versus Alex from Lauren Oliver's Delirium. I have read Delirium so that where I'm headed but after reading Fictitious Delicious's side for Zachary, I'm definitely adding Shade on my TBR list.
Here the link for the match: Zachary vs Alex

Voting last 24 hours so make sure to get your votes in!!

Have great day, swooners!


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