Morning Swooners,

It's been a rough weekend for me, but it's looking up for me at the end of the week! I hope you guys have a great week ahead of you!

“God, do they make WD-40 for flirting? Because I am rusty.”
~ Cora CarmackAll Lined Up

“Because sometimes in life, you just have to stand there and do nothing. Overwhelmed by all the versions of ourselves that exist in our minds—who we want to be, who we should be, who we’re not, and who we are—it’s a jungle that can ensnare your feet and confuse your eyes. But sometimes if you stand still, all those things will snap back into place like a rubber band. And if you can get past the sting, you can keep moving, not quite whole, but held together for the moment.”
~ Cora Carmack, All Lined Up

“I've spent too much time pretending, too much time on the outside, too much time feeling spineless. This time... I'm going after what I want.”
~ Cora CarmackAll Lined Up

“The way she talks about dance is a little like how I feel when I look at her. Overwhelmed and fulfilled and falling apart all at the same time.”
~ Cora CarmackAll Lined Up

“I don't know that dancing fixes anything. I don't feel magically happy because of it. My problems don't disappear when the music ends. But I understand life better when I dance, and understanding is half the fight of surviving.”
~ Cora CarmackAll Lined Up

“Carson McClain, you scare me like nothing has ever scared me before. You drive me crazy and make me laugh and push my buttons on purpose. You make me feel safe and smart and pretty. Sometimes I think I might actually melt when you wrap your arms around me, and right now I feel a little bit like I might die if you don't kiss me.”

“It takes talent to be a gawking hot mess, and I am a gawking hot mess to the third power.”


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