The One Where I Ramble About Myself

For the past of couple of months, I've been working on some stuff, stuff that doesn't include the blog and I've decided to share with you guys. I've been blogging for a little over two years and in that time I've learn some things about myself. So I kind of wanted to take the time and share some of the things that has been happening on my end.

I remember that when I graduated college in December of 2010, I found myself lost and unhappy. I had graduated college with a degree in Psychology but I wasn't (and still not) doing what I love. I had tried to create a book club after finding myself with a lot of time on my hand and wanting to get back to my love of reading. However, my friends tried to humor me for a while but it quickly went on the wayside. But more on those friends later. I then decided to just read for myself and found myself making trips to the library every week. It was in March 2012, after seeing so many other bookish friends on Twitter blogging and sharing their love of books, that I decided to take the plunge and create my own book blog. I thought it would be something easy and fun and wouldn't take a whole lotta time. Oh how wrong I wound up being.

I ended up loving to blog. I gave me something to do and I discovered so many new books and authors and I felt like things were finally looking up for me. Those friends of mine that didn't really care about doing book club with me? It none other than my beloved bestie and co-blogger Nahomi, and bestie Daisel from Owl Always Be Reading. Who's the book nerd now, ladies?? Hehehe.

I guess the reason for my post is because I now find myself with a wonderful boyfriend who likes for me to pay attention to him every now and then but who also pushes me into being the best person I can be. And that includes being a happy person. While I've thought about going back to school many times in the past 4 years, all I needed was a year and half with him to finally go ahead and go back to school and finish my degree in English. I have a minor in English so I just need a handful of classes to make it into a Bachelor. I'm hoping I can work my butt off, increase my GPA, get some great recommendations letters, and get a kick ass GRE score to hopefully apply to grad school and get in. I wasn't the greatest of student in college so I have a lot to prove to myself this time around. 

So with that in the horizon, I have to wonder, how will manage to work full time, go to school, and stay on top of the blog? Nahomi is also in school, works full time, and she a mom to an adorable almost 3 years old (3! Can't believe she's almost 3), so I know I can't just hand off the blog to her. I wouldn't dream of piling up more work on her. And to be honest, I'm a touch OCD and like to have control over the final decisions and I consider this blog to be my baby so I just can't.

Nahomi and I trying to come up with a plan (she knows how much I love to plan and organize) with how everything will work once we're both in school. I know I have NetGalley and Edelweiss eARCs that I need to read and review as well as the ARCs that I got from BEA 2014. But my main priorities will be getting the NetGalley and Edelweiss books out of the way before school starts. I know once school start, reading for fun won't be happening until break. 

Even though I feel like I'll fall behind on bookish news and won't always know the latest of what is happeing on Twitter, I'm excited about going back to school. I feel like I'm doing something that will hopefully make me happy person and I can be the happy person I can be for myself, for my boyfriend and for everyone around me. 

Still there after my long rambling? Have any tips on how to manage time better? Or  have anything you want to share? Thanks for reading. I promise we'll be back to our regualr bookish posts tomorrow. In the mean time, have a great day.


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