Quotes (#137)

Morning Friends,

It's finally Christmas week!!! I'm so freaking excited!! Gosh, I don't know how this year has gone by so fast, it's crazy!!! I'm really looking forward to these next two weeks and spending time my family and friends! Also I must say that the traffic around this time is great because the schools are out, which is an added bonus. So, Merry Christmas, may your week be wonderful. This weeks quotes are from the book I just finished Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I absolutely love this story!

“I'm sure I'll feel much more grateful when I find a guy who thinks complex wiring in a girl is a turn-on.”

~ Marissa Meyer, Cinder

“I know this is stupid, but part of me felt like if I could come see you today, if I could convince you to go with me tonight, then maybe I could still change things. It's dumb, I know. It's not like Levana cares if I, you know, might have actual feelings for someone.”

~Marissa Meyer, Cinder

“She briefly wished she did have some sort of magic so she could shoot a bolt of lightning through his head.”

~ Marissa Meyer, Cinder

“We have the ability to love each other, no matter our differences. To help each other, no matter our weaknesses.”

~ Marissa Meyer, Cinder

“We all have our weaknesses.”
“I know,” said Iko. “Mine is shoes.”

~ Marissa Meyer, Cinder

“You yourself said there will be horrible consequences if she doesn’t get what she wants. I am not worth starting a war over.” His eyes brightened behind the spectacles. He looked young for a moment, almost giddy. “Actually, you are.”

~ Marissa Meyer, Cinder

“She kept her head high, even as her eyes stung, even as panic filled her vision with warnings and precautions.
It was not her fault he had liked her.
It was not her fault she was cyborg.
She would not apologize.”

~ Marissa Meyer, Cinder

Happy Holidays!


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