Quotes (#100)

Morning Swooners,

I can't believe this month is going by so fast! There's always a lot of things to get done and the time seems to be flying by at the speed of lightning. This is our anniversary week here at Books and Swoons! We have a special surprise for you this Friday so stay tuned.

“Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.”
~John Updike

“It is easy to love people in memory; the hard thing is to love them when they are there in front of you.”
~John Updike, My Father's Tears and Other Stories

“We are fated to love one another; we hardly exist outside our love, we are just animals without it, with a birth and a death and constant fear between. Our love has lifted us up, out of the dreadfulness of merely living.” 
 ~John Updike, Brazil

“If you have the guts to be yourself, other people'll pay your price.”
 ~John Updike, Rabbit, Run

“Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?”
~Henry Ward Beecher

“I cannot live without books.”
~Thomas Jefferson

“We live for books.” 
~Umberto Eco

Remember to stay tuned for a special anniversary surprise we have for you at the end of the week! Happy Monday.


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