Quotes (#98)

Morning Swooners,
I love this pic... I really do love coffee. After a night like last night I will need plenty of it to get me though this day. Any ways in my fit of being unable to sleep I finally got to watch Mockingjay part 1, and in honor of this momentous occasion I decided that my quotes for today would be Hunger Games themed! May the odds be ever in you favor today.

“It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.”
~Suzanne CollinsMockingjay

“Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!”
~Suzanne CollinsMockingjay

“You know, you could live a thousand lifetimes and not deserve him.”
~Suzanne CollinsCatching Fire

“At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead.The hard thing is finding the courage to do it.”
~Suzanne CollinsCatching Fire

“You’re not leaving me here alone,” I say. Because if he dies, I’ll never go home, not really. I’ll spend the rest of my life in this arena, trying to think my way out.”
~Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games

“Only I keep wishing I could think of a way...to show the Capitol they don't own me. That I'm more than just a piece in their Games.”
~Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games

“My spirit. This is a new thought. I'm not sure exactly what it means, but it suggests I'm a fighter. In a sort of brave way. It's not as if I'm never friendly. Okay, maybe I don't go around loving everybody I meet, maybe my smiles are hard to come by, but i do care for some people.”
~Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Have a wonderful week!


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