On Our Nightstand (#2) - Janet Evanovich and Richelle Mead Edition

On Our Nightstand is where we show the state of disarray our nightstand look holding all the books we are currently reading.
One night, I was halfway through a book when I knew I was going to finish it right then and there. So, before snuggling in for the night, I went ahead and grabbed my next TBR book and put it on my nightstand just so I didn't have to get up and get it.  I looked at my nightstand, which is just stack of pretty boxes, and had an idea. After talking about this with Nahomi, we're going to sharing, occasionally, how the towering books on our nightstands look with our readers.

Nahomi is driving up Orlando today and we get to see each other(!) and hang out and talk blog stuff, as well as books and life stuff. But the reason she is doing the three-and-a-half hours drive to see me is not necessarily for us to hang out. We got tickets to see Janet Evanovich in Kissimmee for the release of her newest Stephanie Plum book, Tricky Twenty-Two, on Saturday November 14th. Also, Richelle Mead will be in our local indie bookstore Books and Books promoting her latest book, Soundless. Lots of bookish stuff happening this weekend!

With that in mind, it no wonder why our shelves are filled with books, preparing for this weekend.

Nahomi's nightstand:

Nahomi just finished Smart Girl by Rachel Hollis (not pictured), is starting Soundless by Richelle Mead, and is re-reading part of Finger-Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich.

This time, its my nightstand that looks scary.

How does your nightstand look?


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