Let's Chat: Reading Slumps

According to my Goodreads profile, I am currently reading six books. Two of those books, I haven’t picked up in almost four years and the other four, I’ve haven’t picked up in over a month. I certainly read plenty of books throughout all of those years and I’ve read two books last month so it not like I haven’t read. Now, the two books I haven’t picked up in almost four years, I haven’t “officially” given up on them if because I hope to return to them one day. So I’m not really going to talk about that right now. That’s a different subject for a different day.

The four books that I am reading but haven’t picked up in over a month, I WANT to read them. Like, all them. The problem is that I start them and get hooked but then I put it down and get busy with something and when I go to read, I pick up a different book. And started the whole process all over again.

At first, I know I put them down in order to study for an important test I had. Also, I am dealing with some continuous family health emergency. Now, I’m free of the exam and I’m free from the constant hospital visits but still dealing with family stuff but I still haven’t picked up any of my books. I guess my attention is not on them but I’ve never been in reading slumps like this before. After thinking about it, I know there are several reasons why this reading slump is persisting.

One, since I moved back home in mid-August, I’ve been busy dealing with family issues which may have helped me in reading at first as a distraction but now I can no longer use that excuse. Since things are returning to normal, I’m just so busy in the transition of helping out, that there is no time to read.

Second, since said move, I’ve been living at parents' home and there is always people stopping by so there’s no real quiet time or alone time unless I’m going to bed. These are the times when I miss my small apartment that my husband and I were living in.

And third, I’ve got a really long list of reviews that I need to do. At the end of August, I had 30 reviews that I needed to write. THIRTY. Yes, you read that right. In that hiatus that Nahomi and I took back in May and June, instead of writing reviews, I was reading like a fiend. So, I never did get caught up. I’m glad to say that the number has gone down to 21 but it’s still a lot to write.

So while this reading slump is not necessarily to blame on the books themselves being boring or not what I’m looking for, I can only blame real life and myself for this slump. I hope to get myself sorted on the reviews front and hope life becomes kind to me and get back to normal as much as it can. I really want to get back and finish these novels because I know they’ll be exactly the kind of read I’d enjoy.

How about you, what kind of reading slump have you gotten in? What do you do to get out of said slump? Let’s chat, comment down below!


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