Quotes (#170)

Morning Swooners,
I am feeling very grateful this morning. A very scary storm was coming our way, but in the end it didn't hit us as hard as they were predicting. Although I am relieved and grateful the storm took another path; my heart goes out to all of the families affected by the storm. So, it's Monday definitely not my favorite day of the week, but I feel ready to take on this new week! On to today's quotes hope you enjoy!

“Once you've chosen a man, don't try to change him', I wrote with more confidence. 'It can't be done. More important-don't let him try to change you.”
~Diana Gabaldon, Voyager

"Judging by the state of your hair, Sassenach, I should say that it's going to rain verra soon now.”
~Diana GabaldonVoyager

“The greatest burden lies in caring for those we cannot help.”
~Diana GabaldonVoyager

“Faith is as powerful a force as science-- but far more dangerous”

~Diana GabaldonVoyager

“Damn ye, woman! Will ye never do as you’re told?” “Probably not,” I said meekly.”
~Diana GabaldonVoyager

“To know that you cannot give them happiness, not through any fault of yours or theirs, but only because you were not born the right person for them?”
~Diana GabaldonVoyager

Well, that's all for today, I wish you a happy and productive week!


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